First, as a writer, the “how” of how Sara Ahmed writes is apparent in that she speaks quite plainly.

  She seems to be constantly scanning the room. She writes,          it feels is like, with her peripheral vision. She has to shake off the thing that makes her shake – the thing that makes her write (and resign and speak out and gather voices in her measured metered voice.) She knows the feeling. One foot in front of the other – there is a wake of an empathetic gesture towards dialogic openings or complex efforts like touch, kinship, or companionship. She takes me from the trappings of here and now into the queer elsewhere. [viii].

  Her work and its sharping of the (obvs) edges helps us in how we might interact with raced and gendered heteronormative feminisms. 

Multiculturalism is complicated by looking at the turns of happiness and/or the negativity of “bad feelings”.  

                She stimulates my desire surrounding retention and support spaces that intersect simple notions of good and bad feelings such as the incongruity of communities and the richness of difference. 

Striations of marginality. 

How is this reality supported in (this) time and space? 

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